Monday, April 29, 2013

Color Blocking on a Budget

Color blocking seems to be ubiquitous nowadays with multiple stars wearing the same Stella McCartney optical illusion dress pictured below:

I was walking through JCPenney the other day and saw a gorgeous color blocking dress of a different style for $30!  Amazing find!  Look at the pictures below - the style is very similar to the Ali Ro dress that retails for a hefty $265.
JCPenny's Olsenboye's Color blocking dress - $29.99

Ali Ro's Pleated Color block dress - $265

I bought the JCP version of the dress and I am pleased with the overall product.  It from the blue part down, it is thick and cotton-like.  The top black part is a little thinner, but carries the weight of the dress well.  I also like the length of the dress; not so short that you have to self conscious about showing your butt when you bend over, but short enough that it comes above the knees and shows off some leg.  I would say this is perfect for a lovely Spring day for an outing or even for work with a pair of nice black heels or flats.

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